Command Line Flags

An example of how to use these flags:

./exokit.cmd -hup

-hup will launch Exokit Browser in a uncapped FPS mode with console performance logging.

Short-Form Flag Long-Form Flag Description
-v --version Print version and exit
-h --home Loads realitytabs.html home (default)
-t <site url> --tab Load a URL as a reality tab
-w `–webgl <1\ 2>` Choose which version of WebGL to expose; defaults to 2
`-x <all\ webxr\ webvr>` --xr Choose which version of WebVR/XR to expose; defaults to all
-p --perf Log frame timing to console
-s <WxH> --size Set window size to W by H
-f --frame Log GL method calls and arguments to console
-m --minimalFrame Log GL method calls to console
-q --quit Quit on load; run the load phase and exit
-l --log Output log to log.txt
-r <remote site file> <local file path> --replace Replace file from site with a local file
-u --require Expose node require() on window
-n --nogl Do not create GL contexts
-e --headless Run in headless mode; do not create OS windows
-d <downloadDirectory> --download Download site to downloadDirectory