Here are the main web specifications and third-party libraries implemented in Exokit.


Tech Type Link in Exokit
WebVR Spec WebVR Source
WebXR Spec WebXR Source
React Library React Source
HTML5 Spec HTML5 Source
CSS Spec CSS Source
THREE.js Library THREE.js Source
Express Library Express Source
WebSockets Spec WebSockets Source
Fetch API Spec Fetch API Source
Web Workers Spec Web Workers Source
WebGL Spec WebGL Source
Canvas API Spec Canvas 2D Source
WebAudio Spec WebAudio Source
WebRTC Spec WebRTC Source


Tech Type Link in Exokit
OpenVR SDK OpenVR Source
OVR SDK OVR from Oculus Source
Oculus Mobile SDK Oculus Mobile SDK Source
Google VR SDK Google VR SDK Source
Magic Leap SDK Magic Leap SDK Source
Leap Motion SDK Leap Motion Orion Source
Zed SDK Zed SDK Source


Tech Type Link in Exokit
Node Platform Node Source
Chromium Platform Chromium Source