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What is Exokit?

The Exokit Engine is a native 3D XR web engine.

Power up your WebXR app

Exokit runs regular HTML+JS WebXR sites. Add hardware bindings, native code, and more with the APIs Exokit gives you access to.



Run apps in Exokit

Run your app in Exokit with a URL. Or, run 5 instances in multiplayer AR. Debug it all with standard DevTools.


Cross-platform support with Exokit

Write your app once, export to run on any of Exokit's supported devices.


Runs Existing Code

Use the code you've written in your favorite 3D framework. The Exokit Engine supports any 3D web framework.

Web APIs

Exokit provides native hooks for WebGL, WebXR, WebVR, WebAudio, and other APIs used for immersive experiences.


The open source nature of the Exokit Engine allows for permission-less innovation. Fork the Exokit Engine, add your own custom bindings, and then pull request upstream to share your addition.

Package for Stores

Write your code once, export your XR site as a native executable or package for your device(s) of choice.

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